Munley Law | 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyers

Every 16 minutes a person is killed or injured in a truck accident. Collisions involving 18 wheeled trucks injure more than 90,000 people every year.
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If you’ve been in an accident with an 18 wheeler, Munley Law can help make things right again.

Munley Law | 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyers
Every 16 minutes a person is killed or injured in a truck accident. Collisions involving 18 wheeled trucks injure more than 90,000 people every year. last 10 years, fatal large truck accidents have been on the rise while the trucking industry continues to call for relaxed safety regulations. Call one of the nation’s leading truck accident lawyers at Munley Law today for a free case review.

$32 Million
Wrongful Death

$26 Million
Truck Accident

$17.5 Million
Car Accident

$12 Million
Product liability

$8 Million
Truck Accident

$8 Million
Truck Accident/Wrongful Death

$7.5 Million
Auto Accident

$6.9 Million
Garbage Truck Crash

$6.5 Million
Traumatic Brain Injury

$5 Million
Medical Malpractice

$5 Million
Bus Accident

$4.7 Million
Truck Accident

Including 18 wheeled commercial vehicles. Our law firm is dedicated to helping victims of all types of truck accidents. 

What Should I Do After an 18 Wheeler Truck Accident?

Fighting large trucking companies is something you will need the experience to do. Having a truck injury lawyer by your side gives you the peace of mind needed to help you recover. represent your interests in the courtroom, and make sure you get the compensation you deserve. 

there are steps you can follow after an accident with an 18-wheeler to help protect your future truck accident claim.
  • Call 911 and do not leave the scene
  • You will also want to write down the names and badge numbers of any police officers investigating the accident.
  • Make sure you get the truck driver’s employer information.
  • Injuries don’t present themselves until hours or days after the accident.
  • Your insurance company, just stick to the facts of the case and do not admit fault.
  • You are not required to give a statement to anyone but the police and your insurance company.

What Should I Do in the Days Following an 18 Wheeler Semi-Truck Accident?

Here is what truck accident victims need to do after an 18-wheeler crash.
  • This will help your truck accident lawyer get a better idea of what your claim is worth.
  • Get copies of all test results, medications, treatments, and any other medical care.
  • You incur while injured or due to your semi truck accident.
  • Keep a record of missed work or other activities your injuries kept you from participating in.
  • You do not need to speak with anyone about the accident except for your lawyer, the police, and your insurance company.
  • Do not accept any settlement offers until speaking with our experienced truck accident attorney first.

How Much Compensation Could I Receive for My Semi Truck Accident Claim?

Financial losses that a person injured in a truck accident can face include huge medical bills, lost wages, emotional trauma, and possible funeral expenses. For a successful injury claim, you can be awarded economic and non-economic damages. but not limited to property damage.

Why Do I Need to Hire a Top Truck Crash Lawyer?

If you or someone you love suffered a collision involving an 18 wheeled truck, you may know that you did nothing wrong, believe that your injuries and costs that the accident caused are obvious, and be wondering why you would need a lawyer to represent you.

While car accidents only involve you and the other driver, trucking accidents can have multiple parties involved and A truck crash is not the same as a car accident. Many times, 18 wheeler accidents can result in severe injuries that could take months or years to recover from.

Here are a few other reasons why a truck injury lawyer is beneficial for your trucking accident claim.

  • Trucking Companies Regularly Deny Responsibility
  • 18-Wheeler Truck Collision Cases Are Complicated
  • Getting the Award You Are Entitled to Requires a Lot of Resources

Why Getting Into an Accident With an 18 Wheeler More Dangerous Than a Car Accident?

  • They Carry Heavy Loads
  • They Are the Largest Vehicles on the Road
  • They Need Much More Time and Space to Stop
  • They Have Huge Blind Spots

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