Xiaomi Stock Camera Magisk Module For All Devices

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MiuiCamera V7.0 Supported For Aosp Android 11 and Android 12 Custom Rom

Miui Camera Magisk Module
Miui Stock camera 

MIUI Camera Description

Xiaomi stock camera is inspired by MIUI 13 Camera. The camera will see some improvement, If you are a lover of photography, you can download this camera. Xiaomi stock camera comes with many valuable cool features. You may get many more advanced camera features. Mi Camera can run on all Android 11 & Android 12 devices. Miui stock camera for all Android device. Miui Camera latest version 5.02 - Supported all custom roms devices. Install Method By Magisk Module

Miui Camera v7.0 Last Changelog

• Credits.. Reiryuki for Miui Core and Miui Gallery Port Magisk Module
• Bundled Miui Core and Miui Gallery in the same package.
• Commonize zip packages for both Android 11 and Android 12.
• Credits: Noid (@nckmml) for the fix
• No need to flash any extra fixes or patches for anything now.
• Removed Miui Scanner, bloat according to me also its icon is non adpative and ugly.
• Removed Extra Photos, as documents mode is disabled anyways, it serves no purpose.
• Attached Recovery Flashable version of the MiuiCamera , if it works for you then good and if it doesn't then use magisk module.
• Fixed portrait and wide angle crash with some devices, separate addon magisk module provided.
• Fixed clicked photos not getting saved and not shown in gallery and brought back Documents Mode
• Added Miui scanner
• Updated watermarks for all miatoll devices.

MiUiCamera V7.0 What's Working

• Video recording
• Pro mode all features
• Normal Photo mode
• Auxilary Cameras ( 0.6x works with Portrait and wide angle crash fixed)
• Portrait mode ( Rear portrait works with Portrait and wide angle crash fix addon magisk module)
• 48/64 MP Ultra HD mode
• Night mode
• Short video mode
• Documents mode (works with MiuiScanner)
• Panaroma mode
• Timelapse mode
• Long exposure mode
• Clone mode
• Slow motion (works if disabled 48 MP fix module in magisk)
• Additionally there will be separate addons magisk modules for 48MP Fixed and Portrait Wide angle crash fixed.
• So from now on there will be a common Miuicamera magisk module for both AOSP custom ROMs.
• Addons magisk modules are postfixed with RS in module names. R means its for Android 11 and S means its for Android 12.
• Flash Portrait Wide angle crash fix addon only if its needed as there are some miatoll for which it always crashes since A11 Miui stock camera.
• 48MP fix addon is necessary to flash to get 48/64 MP working.
• Slow motion in Miui stock camera works only if 48MP fix module is disabled in magisk.

How to Install Miui Stock Camera

Goto Magisk Manager
Install the zip from storage
Reboot and Enjoy

Support For A11 & A12


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